I also struggled with finding balance, I am a man of many hats and finding that balance is key. The balance between passion and survival. The balance between purpose and paycheck. The balance between creativity and career. The balance between thinking I was the best and thinking I wasn’t good enough. The balance between highs and lows. You can’t move efficiently when your equilibrium is off. You can hardly think straight.” - Wes Lee The Wordsmith

Voyage ATL (July 22, 2019)


Meet Wes Lee The Wordsmith

Referred as "The Poet bringing raw soul back into Hip-Hop" because of his vintage hip-hop sound mixed with his spoken word flow.

Wes Lee The Wordsmith has become known as a thought-provoking poet, organizational leader and performing artist that promotes black excellence and achievement instead of embracing the negative stereotypes that are usually associated with black men in mass media.  He has formed a new production company - Bonzeye Productions - designed to release projects focused on empowering diversity among black men to balance the stale, negative standard promoted to succeed in entertainment, especially music.