Wes Lee The Wordsmith


Atlanta and campuses of HBCUs around the country (a graduate of Savannah State University) to share his revolutionary wordplay.  Now he's ready to bless your brain with messages and cadences that will make you say "WTF?!"

Wes Lee is currently preparing to release a series of new songs under Bonzeye Productions (a venture he created with his uncle to provide guidance and support for young artists seeking to achieve balance like Wes Lee).  The groundbreaking of this collaboration will be kicked off by the reminiscently titled “Memory Lane” featuring the mysterious songstress Xiamara Jennings.


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Press: Savannah Now (November 24, 2021)

 “I hope for these songs to be so raw, and relatable, and a picture of imperfection, that allows people to connect with it so much deeper than music you hear in the mainstream...” 

Press: Word is Bond (November 22, 2021) 

"Overall, the project is verbose and has a range of emotions and styles. Wes Lee The Wordsmith knows the assignment and gives listeners his true thoughts without sugar coasting anything." 

Press: (Radio Interview) HBCU Plug - WEAA 88.9FM (Morgan State University) (Oct. 2021) 

Press (Video Interview): YV Media (October 20, 2021) 

Press: Hip-Hop Since 1987 (October 15, 2021)

"The Fresh Prince of Poetry... Amongst his fan base Wes Lee The Wordsmith has affectionately become known as a poet with a preference for dope beats rather than haikus and is often praised for bringing raw genuine soul and emotions back into Hip-Hop." 

Press: Stereofox (May 25, 2021)  

"Jazzy hip hop vibes for a great start of the day." 

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